Process design for the chemical process, defense and aerospace industries.

Areas of Expertise

Custom chemical manufacturing

Synthio Chemicals manufactures fine and specialty chemicals using its own proprietary equipment and synthetic routes. Our capabilities range from kilograms to hundreds of tons, with a sweet spot in the tons-per-year range. Our current production capabilities range from benchtop glassware to fully automated production hardware at the tons/year scale. Processes include nitration, azidation, polymerization, high temperature / high pressure processes, and other process intensification techniques.


As a newly recognized field of chemical engineering, process intensification (PI) encompasses two different approaches to radical improvements in chemical processes. The first approach reduces rate limiting influences of heat and mass transfer or chemical kinetics on processes through innovative reactor and equipment design. The second approach combines multiple process steps in a single operation, often removing equilibrium limitations or radically simplifying an overall process. We have demonstrated successes in both of these PI approaches for a variety of applications. Our analytical modeling capabilities allow process scoping to quickly identify promising PI techniques which are validated in-house through careful pilot testing. Our expertise includes advanced fabrication techniques including microchannel devices. 

Continuous synthesis train design and Fabrication

While the company focus is on specialty chemical manufacturing, Synthio also constructs synthetic trains for customers. Our typical designs integrate multiple unit operations in a single continuous flow system, enabling reductions of up to two orders of magnitude in system size. We utilize robust, sophisticated computerized control systems to enable 24/7 unattended operations while meeting all applicable safety standards. Custom Synthio reactor systems are typically sold in conjunction with a license to our patented and trade secret intellectual property.